Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Less Product, Same Price

Years ago, I noticed that manufacturers figured out a way to increase their profits without losing customers (at least not enough to make them stop this practice, anyway). They simply reduce the amount of product without increasing the product's price. Typically, the decrease in the amount of product is not noticeable to most people and oftentimes the manufacturer also changes the product packaging so that it's more difficult to notice a difference since it's sort of like comparing apples with oranges. The companies keep the product change a secret since it can only hurt them financially if people spread the word. Over the years I've noticed several examples of this with just about every type of product.

I once saw a TV report on this same topic and the company rep being interviewed claimed that their company was simply giving the consumer what they wanted based on the results of some research study the company paid for. Yeah, that's right... the consumer wants less product for the same price. They must think we're morons.


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