Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Build a Better Blog

Wouldn't You Rather Be Blogging? Build a better blog... try saying that 3 times, fast! After reading Rick's post on blogging personalities, I recalled a recent online test I took that asks "how linkable is your blog post?"... that's linkable, not likeable (though they essentially need the same ingredients). Not having blogged for very long, I'm still learning so I found this linkability test useful even if getting incoming links isn't my main objective (though they are appreciated). After taking the test, you'll get to the results page where you'll get tips and advice based on your answers.

Oh, and in case you want one, get your own construction sign image here.


At 2:15 AM, Blogger Miamista said...

Great rec about linkability. I'll put a reference in when I rewrite the posts on commercial blogging.

As for the Star Wars post- please do not feed the geeks! ;)


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