Monday, May 29, 2006

Celebrity Babies with a Cause

Some of you who read this post may consider what I'm about to blog about somewhat controversial. It seems I already got myself into a wee bit of trouble earlier today, so maybe this won't help but I guess I'll just roll with the punches.

So... by now most of you have probably heard that Brad and Angelina welcomed their much-anticipated new baby girl a couple of days ago. The current "buzz" has to do with who will get the first photos of baby Shilo. Entertainment-type TV shows have said time and again that whenever a celebrity couple brings a baby into this world, the person who is able to produce the first photos of the baby stands to make a great deal of money (sometimes millions of dollars depending on who the baby's parents are... Brad and Angelina being one example).

In recent years, other celebrities have handled this issue in different ways. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick decided to show their baby off at a news conference attended by many reporters and photographers, which essentially meant that no one profited much, if at all, from the photos. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin accepted a monetary offer from a magazine for exclusive rights to the first photos of baby Apple with proud parents. For now, it appears that Brad and Angelina have been successful at maintaining their privacy, with the help of the Namibian government.

Since it's inevitable that photos will be taken of their new baby at some point in the near future, why not consider doing what Gwyneth and husband Chris did, but with a twist? Since Angelina is already into doing charity work while Brad tags along, and many magazines would happily pay millions of dollars for a photo spread, why not strike a deal with the highest bidder so that the money goes to a charity of choice? Seems to me that would be the wisest solution for many reasons... and the baby has started it's life making a major contribution to some lucky charity organization - donating more money than most people do in lifetime. Some of you may think this is exploiting the child, but like I said... the photo(s) will be taken at some point so why not make sure the money goes to a good cause instead of to some idiot that's part of the paparazzi who certainly does not deserve a penny of it?


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