Friday, May 05, 2006

Cookie with eBay-ish Qualities

This chocolate chip cookie came from a recent batch and the way this particular one "developed" caught my attention so I decided it was photo-worthy.

Now, I've heard some crazy stories about what people put up for sale on eBay (a family for rent; burnt toast with the image of the Virgin Mary; a 7¾" long french fry; a pregnant tummy or forehead available as advertising space) and I'm not going to be one of those morons, but... whaddayathink? Do you see the profile of a head (mouth, nostrils, eyes, eyebrows and even an ear)? No, I didn't do any photo editing! What should I name it? ;-) I've heard you should never name something you're going to eat...


At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Rebecca Carter said...

I see it! I think it could be like that bald guy from the Munsters, the hunchback one. It seems to me like there is a wart on the nose, a large nostril, and a bald head! I think you could definitely ask for $100. :)

As for a name, given my scary description: Egor.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Sleepless said...

Thanks, Rebecca! You're right... it does kinda look like the bald guy from the Munsters. Having a hard time deciding whether to actually eat the darn thing or not... it's a bit creepy.


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