Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flying over South Florida

Mother's Day is coming up and that, along with driving around today, made me think of a couple of funny "Mom" stories which I'll share here.

The first one happened while flying over the ocean shortly before landing. My mother asked my brother (who was sitting next to her) to look out the window down at the ocean. He did, and then asked her what he should be looking for. "You don't see it?" she asked. "Is that a shark down there?" she queried. My brother and mother both took another look, then started laughing when they realized that the only thing that looked remotely like a shark was the shadow of the plane on the water!

The second story was told to me recently by a friend's mom. She was flying into Fort Lauderdale and as the plane headed west towards the Everglades and then made the loop to head east to land at the airport, she was looking down at the neighborhoods and commented about how she couldn't believe how many homes have pools. She soon found out that many of those "pools" were actually the blue tarps on hurricane-damaged roofs!!!


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