Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gas Stations with "Convenience" Stores

I went to fill up my gas tank today in part because I heard a report this morning about a 9-month long FTC investigation which found no evidence of widespread gas price-gouging after Hurricane Katrina. With the fuel companies temporarily out of the "dog house" I suspect that prices will start to creep back up again...

"Further, the report reiterated the FTC’s position that federal gasoline price gouging legislation, in addition to being difficult to enforce, could cause more problems for consumers than it solves, and that competitive market forces should be allowed to determine the price of gasoline that drivers pay at the pump."


"After discussing the critical role of prices in market-based economies, the policy section concludes that if natural price signals are distorted by price controls, consumers ultimately might be worse off, as gasoline shortages could result."

The consumer never wins!

Back to me filling up my gas tank... so, I'm at one of those (thankfully, rare) gas stations that offers the convenience of pay at the pump without the convenience of actually receiving the receipt at the pump. I've probably been to this particular gas station at least 25-30 times over the past several years and I'd have to say that probably 90% of the time I end up having to go into their "convenience" store in order to get it. Sometimes I even have to wait in line just to get the darned receipt. I've commented to the cashier a few times about this and am always given the same B.S. reason... that they're either out of print rolls or they "forgot" to replace them in that particular pump. I know why they do this. It forces people to go inside the store where the station owner hopes you'll spend more money on their ridiculously overpriced items. What they don't realize is that this deceitful and manipulative tactic has made me resent them because they treat people like morons so I rarely patronize their station and I purposefully never buy anything in their convenience store when I do use the station.


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Rick said...

This is a pet peeve of mine, Sleepless. Once I find a station conducts business like that. I don't go back. For me, it's worth possibly paying a few more cents a gallon.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Sleepless said...

I hear ya'. The only reason I ever go there is because the location happens to be convenient for me on occasion... not because they sell gas for less (they don't). I've been going there less and less each year just because it really irks me that they pull this crap. This is probably only the second time I visited it this year. Maybe we should start a list of which stations do this to get people to boycott them.


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