Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Power of the Internet

Ahhh... the power of the Internet! In an era when most people feel disconnected from their community and are already too stressed and stretched for time to take the initiative in doing something pro-active to change things for the better instead of just complaining about it, along comes one of those rare citizens who does care enough to take the time to get things rolling in the right direction. Kudos go to Miamista for starting a blog designed to get rid of not just Commissioner Johnny Winton but any other incompetents in office! For those who haven't heard, Winton was arrested and accused of hitting cops at Miami International Airport after an incident at a bar.

Let's turn the power of one into the power of many! If you're like me and tired of public officials who set a bad example, here's your chance to make a difference. Anyone out there who wants to help in some small way to get commissioner Johnny Winton and others like him get kicked out of office, simply place a text link on your blog or website that links to Miamista's new blog, appropriately named... Lets Get Rid Of This Clown .


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