Monday, May 01, 2006

Quote of the Day

I actually heard this a couple of months ago on a promo commercial for whatever was going on in a daytime soap opera (I think it was "Days of Our Lives") but it was such an unbelievably stupid quote that it stayed with me. What floored me is that they must've played the same promo for about a week and never thought to edit it, which just goes to show that people may hear things just fine but don't always listen very well. Here it is:

"What's worse than the death of a child?
Having the killer show up at the funeral."

What sane person would think that the killer showing up at the funeral is in any way worse than the death of a child? Apparently the writers of this promo and the voice-over person didn't catch this, or they need to re-think their priorities! This one belongs in the "Stupid Quotes Hall of Fame".


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