Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Town of Trump, Florida?

Well, well... it looks like billionaire Donald Trump (a.k.a. "The Donald") will have an opportunity to add to his ever-growing property portfolio and finally buy his own mar-a-lago town in one of the ritziest parts of South Florida and perhaps even re-name it... what else? Trump, Florida, of course!

Talk about a "rags to riches" story... I just read in the Sun-Sentinel that the 43-acre central Palm Beach County town of Briny Breezes (which is an ocean-to-intracoastal mobile home park) is up for sale starting at $500 million. For those of you wondering what that amounts to on a per acre basis, that's $11,627,907/acre folks!!! That doesn't even include the $20,000 non-refundable processing fee each applicant must pay or payment of the town's legal and professional fees by the lucky winner. If the majority of the town's residents were to accept the current bid of $500 million, each would stand to make an average of $1,024,590 for their mobile home and the land it sits on! Now that's what I call "happy campers!" ;-)


At 7:15 PM, Blogger mish said...

good for the owners. i had read something that they had a great offer and turned it down and now were having regret. the people that live there should be able to live in trumpland at a significant discout, but that would only happpen in a fair world.


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