Monday, June 19, 2006

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Another in my series of "Manic Monday Momentary Escapes"...

This time I wisk you away to
Cumberland Island, Georgia,
where time seems to stand still.

The ferry ride to Cumberland Island:

Live Oaks with Spanish moss create a wonderful
canopy on the road leading to the Greyfield Inn:

"A grand and graceful mansion...
built in 1900 as a home for Lucy and Thomas Carnegie's
daughter, Margaret Ricketson, the oceanfront hotel
was opened as The Greyfield Inn Resort in 1962...":

Dungeness Ruins
(this was Andrew & Lucy Carnegie's mansion):

A boardwalk over sand dunes leads to the beach:

Wild horses roam the beach:

Sunset at Sea Camp Beach:

I hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation. Thank you to the flickr accounts of beezwax, woggs, Geoffrey Graham, Savannah Grandfather (1 & 2), and kexline (1 & 2).


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